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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should my child play up in age group?

Please Click Here for all you need to know about playing up.

What are the rules to Soccer?

Please Click Here for all you need to know about Soccer.

How do the costs of soccer compare to other sports in Pennsville?

Please Click Here for all you need to know about the costs

How do I become a coach?

Please email us at [email protected] to become a coach at any level. PSA will reimburse for the cost of all training and will help arrange it all.

I would like to coach my child’s team; how do I start?

Sign up to volunteer when you register your child.   After that, you can email [email protected] [email protected] or [email protected].

Do I need experience to coach?

No, you don’t

What resources are there for a new coach?

Our website has a tab for coach resources. Click Here to get more information.

Age Questions

What determines what age group my player falls into?

USYS determines age groups
Age groups run from Jan 1st to Dec 31st. If your player turns 9 on or before December 31st, they will be playing in U10. Regardless of grade level.

When does my player move up an age group?

Players move up in the fall. The soccer year runs from September to August
Can my child play down an age group? – No, this is not allowed per USYS

Can my child play up an age group?

Sometimes, if there is room on the team. Spots go to the age-appropriate players first. Please see our separate guide for this question.

Does my child need any experience?

No, at any age they may sign up with no prior experience

The season has started, can I still sign up?

It depends on the coach of the team your child will play on for the season. Maybe. Please email us.

Equipment Questions

What equipment do I need to buy for In-town Soccer?

Cleats for U5 and up. All other equipment is provided.
Nothing for U4 and down. Sneakers are acceptable

What equipment is provided to in-town with my registration fee?

U6/7/8 will be provided with shorts, shirt, shin pads and a ball.
U5 and below will be given a shirt and a ball

What equipment do I need to buy for Travel Soccer?

You will need to buy your player a full uniform package the first time they play travel soccer. This includes 2 jerseys, shorts and socks. They will also need cleats, shin pads and a ball.

How much does the uniform package cost?

The socks are $10, the shorts are $20, the jerseys are $40 for a total of $70.

Why isn’t a uniform provided with my child’s registration fee?

The uniform does not change every year so we can reuse them as much as possible. If bought big enough you can use them for 2-3 years and only rebuy specific pieces as needed.

What is provided with my player’s registration fee?

Your registration fee helps pay for things like field maintenance, insurance, electricity for our lights, paid trainers and all the equipment provided to each team.

What type of bag is the soccer bag available for purchase though registration?

The bag will be an Adidas Stadium 3 bag. It will have the players registered last name on it. They are very durable and should last many years.

When will shirts and sweatshirts ordered during registration be available for pickup?

They will all be available for pickup when the uniforms come in for the entire club. For the Spring season, February, for the Fall Season August.


What happens if I ordered the wrong size uniform and need a new one?

·When you register and order your uniform, PSA subsidizes about half the cost. Uniform reorders are expensive. If you need to order a new uniform after registration, you will have to pay the full cost of the uniform. Each jersey is $50 and shorts are $30.
·New uniforms can take several weeks to arrive as well.

Can I reuse my players socks from in-town to travel? 

·No, in-town uses black socks, travel uses blue and gold.

Can I reuse the shin pads from in-town to travel? 


Can I reuse the ball from in-town for travel? 

·Not really. In-town uses a size 3, travel uses a size 4 up to U12, then a size 5.

I need new socks, what do I do?

·New socks for in-town and travel are available for purchase at the snack stand throughout the season.
·Travel socks are $10
·In-town socks are $5

How long can my travel player use the uniform?

·The life of the uniform is about 3 years. After that, the manufacturer stops making the uniforms and the entire club must purchase new uniforms.

What happens if I buy the uniform at the end of its life cycle and new uniforms are used the next season?

·When new uniforms are chosen for the club, every team must adopt them. Regardless of when you purchased your player’s uniform. PSA has no control when a manufacturer stops making a uniform.


What is the maximum number of players allowed on the team?

·U8/9/10 Travel Teams – 14
·U11/12 Travel Teams – 16
·U13 and up – 18

What happens if more kids sign up than there are spots available?

·Spots will first go to age-appropriate players
·There will be try outs if needed.
·There will be every effort made to find a suitable place within the club.
·For example: If there are more U11 players than spots, players may be offered spots on the older team based on recommendations. Teams are also sometimes combined into coed teams. The board makes these decisions before the season starts and tries to do it in the best interest of the entire club.

I see there is an option for my U8 player to play on travel and intown. Should I sign up for both? Which should I sign up for?

·This is the first year we have offered a U8 travel option. We are offering because of interest from parents. Our in-town program is excellent for this age. However, if your child wants more competition, this can be an option. There will need to be at least 10 U8 players signed up and a coach volunteer.
·If there are not enough U8 travel players to register, you will be offered a spot on the U9 team if it is available or a spot on the in-town U8 teams.
·Your child should not play in both divisions. This will result in your child having conflicting practices and having 4-5 practices a week as well as 2 games a week. We do not recommend this path at this age.

When does the spring season run?

·The spring season runs March through May
·Practices start in February for travel.

How often do travel teams practice?

·Most travel teams practice 2-3 times per week, starting up to a month before the season starts.

When are travel games?

·Boys’ and Coed teams play on Sunday.
·Girls’ teams play on Saturday.

How often do In-town teams practice?

·For U6/7/8, there is one game and one practice
·For U5 and younger, there are no additional practices.
·This group is led by our paid trainers. The purpose is to introduce soccer to young children while having fun.

How often do In-town teams practice?

·In the fall, All intown teams play on Friday nights between 6 and 8 pm.
·In the spring, play moves to Saturday mornings to avoid conflicts with baseball.


What is the raffle?

·Each season we raffle off 3 bushels of crabs from Shag’s.
·In the spring season, the 3 winners may redeem their certificates between July 1st and August 31st
·In the fall season, the 3 winners may redeem their certificates between September 1st and September 30th.
·The value of each prize is between $300 and $1000 depending on market conditions.
·A drawing date will be announced later.

How much is the raffle ticket buy out?

·The same as selling 1 book of raffle tickets
·You may only do the buyout during registration. Otherwise, you pay when everyone else does.

The registration pages show I can opt to sell more books of raffle tickets for a discount on registration. Please explain this a bit.

·For each player registered, you may opt to sell one extra book of raffle tickets for a $30 discount off of registration up to the cost of that player’s registration fee.
·This can bring the registration fee down to $10 if you choose to sell 3 extra books per player
·This means that you are electing to sell 4 books of 10 raffle tickets each. For a total of 40 raffle tickets.


Each parent is required to work one 2 hr shift in the snack stand.

· This shift may fall on a Friday night, Saturday or Sunday.

· Your coach will provide your teams options for working and choosing a shift.

· Each team will be provided with at least 2 options.

· You may opt out of this by paying a $50 fee before the season starts.

· Each parent must work one shift for each team they have a player on that season. If 3 children are on 2 teams, they must work 2 shifts. If 2 children are on one team, they work 1 shift.

· Each parent must provide a check with the players name on it before getting any equipment and before the season begins. This check will be returned after you have work your shift.

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