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Should my child play up?

What is playing up?

An example of a child playing up is an 8 year old playing on a U10 or U11 team when the age-appropriate team is U9.


Why do you want your child to play up an age group?

They will become a better player, faster than in their own age group.
- No. Your child should not play up for this reason

Is your child substantially larger than other players their age?
- Maybe
Other factors should be taken into account

Is your child more skilled than other players in their age group?
- Maybe
A parent is not always the best judge of this factor. If this is the only factor, then no they should not play up. If there are others, maybe.

You are tired of intown soccer and feel your child is being held back
- Unlikely
There are huge differences between intown and travel soccer. Team size, field size, game length, format, positions, aggression and player size to name a few. If this is your only reason, you should have a discussion with the U9 travel coach and the intown coordinator..

Your child is having problems with the coach of their age appropriate team or a player(s) on their team
You should speak with your coach first if you feel comfortable, you can always email anyone on the board at any time with your concerns. We try to resolve any problems before moving a player but if there is a spot available on another team, this might be a viable option.

Your player has a sibling on another travel team and it would be more convenient for practices and games
- Maybe
First a spot must be available on that team. If the team has a full roster of age appropriate players, this may not be possible.

- Will both siblings be comfortable on the same team?
- Are you players more than 2 years apart?
No - Still a possibility

Does your child want to play up?
- Their school friends will not be on their team and they may be playing with kids 2 grades above.
- The higher up the age group, the faster and more aggressive play becomes.
Players will be bigger physically as well.
A larger size ball may be used and your child's smaller feet might not be able to keep up.
- They must be more committed to playing soccer than you.  It is a challenge to play with older kids.

Factors that need to be taken into account

- Player size
- Player skill
- Player maturity
- Roster size on both teams
This decision will be made every season.  Just because your child plays up one season does not mean their spot will be held the next season.  Roster openings go to age appropriate players first.
Will your player moving up mean their age appropriate group will not be able to have a team?  If so, your player will not be permitted to play up.


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